Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wednesday Night Self-Defense Classes taught by Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster & Former Professor of Martial Arts

Self-Defense training at the Arizona Hombu dojo (Arizona School of Traditional Karate) in Mesa, Arizona is for karate practitioners according to Grandmaster Hausel, a member of more than a dozen different Halls-of-Fame as a martial arts instructor who has been awarded for his outstanding teaching abilities. Soke Hausel was also Professor of Budo (Martial arts) at the University of Wyoming for more than 3 decades prior to moving to Gilbert and Mesa Arizona.

Members of the general public can benefit in this type of training by either learning karate at the Arizona Hombu Dojo or by scheduling a self-defense clinic. All non-violent members of the general public should learn self-defense because you never know when you will need it. There is a saying that "the harder you train in karate today, the less blood you will spill on the streets tomorrow" - and this certainly applies to self-defense training where most people have no idea how to defend themselves. So we cater our training for our students, clubs, churches and women's groups.

In the past, Soke Hausel, a notable person in Gilbert, Arizona, taught self-defense classes to EMT, girl scouts, taekwondo schools, prospectors, church groups, women's clubs, military groups, university faculty and staff, high school students, university students and other groups from Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, as well as groups in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming.

On Wednesday evenings, students at the Arizona Hombu dojo in Mesa examine all kinds of self-defense situations including defense against one attacker, multiple attackers, guns, rifles, clubs, knives. Our students not only learn to use their hands and feet, but also how to use a variety of tools as weapons such as coins, keys, books, magazines, pens, bottles, belts, etc. And more importantly, these classes focus on a key aspect of karate - muscle memory training that teaches you to automatically react to an attack.

Many of the self-defense techniques come straight out of karate kata (forms) that are known as bunkai on Okinawa. Most of these bunkai have been tested on the streets by past karate masters and then placed in the kata so that we would have a living encyclopedia of self-defense techniques. It is quite ingenious. 
Soke Hausel teaching Chandler Librarians
to use books in self-defense

Soke Hausel, seen here at a 1998 Karate demonstration at the University of Wyoming
has been inducted into several Halls-of-Fame and recently been recognized as one of the
top karate instructors in Arizona as well as featured in the Thumbtack Spotlight.