Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mesa Martial Arts Classes

Interviewers with Planet News and Fox 10 Phoenix discovered a unique martial arts school, martial arts program, and martial arts instructors in the East Valley of Phoenix at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate located on the border of Gilbert and Mesa and only a mile from Chandler.  A martial arts program that is geared towards teaching adults the traditional aspects of Okinawan Karate, Kobudo and Self-Defense. Students at the School come from Chandler, Florence, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix and other places in the Phoenix valley to train with arguably the best martial arts instructor in Arizona, Sixteen time, Hall of Fame martial arts grandmaster, Soke Hausel. In addition, groups of martial artists from Wyoming, Utah, Massachusetts, Colorado, Nebraska and India have recently trained in Mesa Arizona to learn from the grandmaster.

Many martial arts students who currently train at the Arizona Hombu (world headquarters of Seiyo Kai Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo) on the border of Mesa and Gilbert (and only a mile from Chandler) ended up at this traditional martial arts school while searching for classes taught by qualified martial arts instructors with experience in traditional martial arts. Many also were looking to find a karate school (dojo) that would be around for some time. People are frustrated by being locked into yearly contracts that require them to pay fees whether they show up to classes or not or even whether the martial arts school closes its doors. And in many cases, some later find their instructors have no lineage to back up their credentials (if they have any credentials at all). Others who would like to learn weapons are required to pay extra fees to attend those classes. One will not find this at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate on Baseline and MacDonald.
Soke Hausel explains wrist lock technique using hanbo at 2013 martial
arts clinic in Mesa (Photo courtesy of Nemec Photography).
Fox 10 Phoenix discovered that this martial arts center is operated by one of the highest ranked instructors in the world and the highest ranked instructor in Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo. Soke Hausel, the owner and operator of the martial arts school (dojo), is the world head of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo and the world head of the International Association of Traditional Okinawa Karate and Kobudo. As a member of national and international grandmaster councils and boards, a member of several Halls of Fame, and a national and internationally recognized instructor, he maintains his teaching expertise by teaching 6 to 8 classes a week, teaching clinics and seminars and also training at the Juko Kai International Hombu.

Paula Borea, Sensei from Japan, roughs up Dr. Neal Adam, Shihan at 2013
martial arts clinic in Gilbert - Mesa, Arizona (photo courtesy of
Nemec Photography).
During a 90-minute interview with Fox 10 Phoenix, Grandmaster Hausel and Sensei (instructor) Paula Borea (2nd dan) and Bill Borea (2nd dan) talked about their martial arts experiences, the health benefits of martial arts programs and impressed the Fox 10 crew with their abilities and power. The focus and power was unlike any martial arts that they had seen. Pretty amazing, especially when one realizes that all three of these instructors are also grandparents.

Some students who end up at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate are looking for a school where they can train with other adults. Some mentioned they were tired of getting kicked in the shins by 4 and 5 year old kids in taekwondo classes. Few, if any martial arts schools in Arizona offer as much as the Arizona Hombu (Arizona School of Traditional Karate) where the head instructor has nearly 5 decades of experience and a former professor of martial arts at the University of Wyoming and instructor at Arizona State University, University of New Mexico and University of Utah.

Self-defense applications and forms (kata) practice at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate on Baseline Road, Mesa & Gilbert, 2013.
Members of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo, an international martial arts association, are found in several countries and include a very large percentage of college graduates. Soke Hausel has been training in martial arts since the early 1960s and taught as a professor of martial arts at the University of Wyoming for 3 decades. In 1999, he was certified as grandmaster of Shorin-Ryu Karate (Seiyo-Kai) and in 2004, was certified as 10th degree black belt. In 2012, he received one of the rarest honors in martial arts. He was certified as 12th degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo, something that has only happened a couple of times in since the 19th century.

Martial Arts Weapons (Kobudo) training at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, 2011

In 2006, Soke packed up and moved the world headquarters from the University of Wyoming to the corner of Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona, where he established the Arizona Hombu, or world headquarters for adult martial artists and families. In the past he taught university classes filled with more than 110 students, and now he enjoys smaller karate classes of less than 25 so he can focus on details with each martial arts student.

The Mesa martial arts center also has special martial arts clinics. These martial arts clinics involve visitors from other parts of the world. The clinics may focus on self-defense, martial arts weapons, samurai arts, jujutsu, etc., or just focus on some rare martial arts weapon or martial arts form.  In recent years, martial arts and self-defense clinics were taught to university students, university faculty and staff, Chandler librarians, military groups, girl scouts, church groups, political organizations, other martial arts groups, etc. And special weapons clinics were taught to our martial artists.

Members of the Police DAV Karate team from Punjab, India visit the Arizona School of Traditional Karate to train in Shorin-Ryu Karate

Many black belts have trained directly under our soke. While at the University of Wyoming, a few thousands students learned martial arts under the guidance of Soke Hausel.

Members of the Utah Shorin-Kai from the Salt Lake valley make one of their annual visits to the Arizona School of Traditional Karate to train in martial arts. Robert Watson (8th degree black belt) stands next to Soke Hausel.
In total, the instructors at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate have more than a century of experience. If you are looking for a different kind of martial arts school that focuses on the traditions of the martial arts, it will be worth your time to check out this martial arts school at the border of Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona.
Two instructors at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate at the border of Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa on Baseline Road east of Country Club. (Left to Right) Soke with Sensei Paula Borea (2nd dan) and Sensei Bill Borea (2nd dan). Both Paula and Bill spent considerable time in Japan training in martial arts. Paula is Japanese-American with samurai lineage.
George Mumford (1st dan) from Boston and Elaine Mumford from Switzerland
visit the Arizona School of Traditional Karate. George was a student of Soke's at the University of Wyoming more than 3 decades ago.

Black belts from up north visit the Arizona School of Traditional Karate. Left to Right are Sensei Kyle Linton (3rd dan) from Wellington, Colorado, Shihan-Dai Glenn Polk (4th dan) from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Shihan Kevin Vance (5th dan) from Cheyenne, Wyoming and Soke.

Soke-Dai Eric Hausel (5th dan) visits the
Arizona School of Traditional Karate from Parker, Colorado.
Dr. Florence Teule (1st dan) visits Arizona School of
Traditional Karate from Utah State University.

Dr. Neal Adam (5th dan), our Arizona School of Traditional Karate
martial arts master instructor trains in kobudo (martial arts weapons).
Shihan Adam was a student of Soke's at the University of Wyoming
 more than 2 decades ago.

Hanshi Andy Finley (7th dan) visits the Arizona School of Traditional Karate
from the Casper Wyoming, dojo. 
Kyoshi Rob Watson, 8th dan and Renshi Todd Stoneking, 6th dan from the Utah Shorin-Kai, present Soke Hausel with gifts at a recent Arizona-Utah martial arts clinic at the Arizona Hombu in the Phoenix East Valley (photo courtesy of Nemec Photography).

Heather From (former University of Wyoming Student) visits and
trains at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate from Kearney, Nebraska