Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mesa Martial Arts - Award Winning Blog About Karate & Students

We are very excited to see our blog was selected for the international Web Award for Martial Arts. The Web Award - Martial Arts is international award that recognizes a site that provides the most trustworthy and valuable information on the Martial Arts in Mesa Arizona. We are excited to be recognized for providing information on martial arts and especially for martial arts in Mesa. Our author and martial arts instructor tries to provide the best training and information to his students and readers. But more importantly, we are most concerned for our students and their martial arts education.

The Path, or Way. Karate and martial arts in general are all thought to be lifelong paths.
Those who chose this path typically are healthy, happy individuals who build self-
confidence as they train in the martial arts. Such a path should be a life long commitment.

Karate and martial arts training in Arizona.
Karate training teaches one to be like water - adapt to other's movements

Monday, November 19, 2012

Traditional Martial Arts - A Story About Students

Mesa Martial Arts is about our teaching students values, ethics, morals and self-defense. We believe that showing people a proper path through martial arts training leads them to be productive members in society.

Soke Hausel presents award to Kate Lehman
at the University of Wyoming dojo
How is this done?  A path is created at our Mesa Martial arts school by giving a positive atmosphere with positive affirmations to create goals. We teach students to respect one another, their instructors and their martial arts and give them new goals to achieve. We help them to set one major goal - achieving one of the highest honors in martial arts: shihan (Master Martial Arts Instructor) awarded at 4th, 5th and 6th degree black belt.

Our students learn to meditate on positive affirmations known as dojo kun (martial arts philosophy). At the end of each martial arts class in Mesa, we recite this philosophy. This provides a tool to the subconscious to lead them on a path of positive growth in martial arts. Karate is a tool that is used to build positive people and this has always been the purpose of traditional Okinawa Karate.

Stated by the Great Shorin-Ryu Master of martial arts - Gichin Funakoshi - "The Purpose of Karate Lies Not in Defeat or Victory, but in the Perfection of its Participants". 

The ultimate goal of Karate is attainment of moral character built through hard & diligent training and courtesy. Karate sport focuses on training to merely win a match or trophy leading to deterioration of this dynamic art, whereas traditional karate focuses on the individual and his or hers training and self-esteem.

Soke Hausel with Sensei Bill Borea recognize Alexis for promotion
and as an outstanding martial artist

Arizona School of Traditional Karate Tuesday evening class

Dr. Florence Teule trains in Samurai arts at Gillette, Wyoming clinic

Soke Hausel and Shihan Neal Adam and Sensei Bill Borea with Utah Shorin-Kai group in Mesa, Arizona

Sensei Bill Borea blocks bo attack by Dai-Shihan Neal Adam with kama

Soke Hausel brought his camera

Soke Hausel with Utah Shorin-Kai group at the outdoor karate training camp at the East Canyon Resort, Utah

Training with nunchaku at kobudo night in Mesa

Members of the Police DAV School Karate Team from India pose with Soke Hausel, Dai Shihan Neal Adam, Sensei Bill Borea and Sensei Paula Borea at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa

A show of respect at the Arizona Hombu (photo courtesy of Nemec Photography).