Friday, February 10, 2012

Mesa Martial Arts Classes

The Arizona School of Traditional Karate brings a bit of Okinawa to Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona. Remember Mr. Miyagi in the KARATE KID? Same Karate!

Letter from the Wyoming governor recognizing some of Soke
Hausel's accomplishments as a martial arts instructor
and scientist. Soke Hausel now teaches martial arts
in the Phoenix East Valley of Arizona.
If you are inclined to study traditional martial arts, our martial arts school on the border of Gilbert and Mesa may be just what you need. We teach traditional Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate, Okinawan Kobudo (martial arts weapons), Japanese Samurai Arts, Self-Defense, martial arts history, some Japanese, and this is just the beginning. Oh, and you will train with other adults and not have to worry about getting kicked in the shin by a 4-year-old black belt instructor from a martial arts school down the street.

martial arts school in Mesa has been in operation in Arizona since 2006. It is operated by a Grandmaster of Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo who moved here in 2006 after teaching martial arts at the University of Wyoming. We are affiliated with several legitimate martial arts associations including Seiyo Kai International, Juko Kai International and others. And our grandmaster has been teaching martial arts for more than 4 decades.

Prior to moving to Arizona, our grandmaster taught karate, martial arts weapons, jujutsu, samurai arts and self-defense at the University of Wyoming for 3 decades as a Professor of Martial Arts. You probably had no idea that there is a certification for Professor of Martial Arts. The professor has been recognized by Who's Who, several martial arts Halls-of-Fame, even two Halls-of-Fame for science, awarded International Instructor of the Year, Instructor of the Year etc.

Soke Hausel receives congratulatory letter from the University of
Wyoming President for his induction into the World Karate Union
Hall of Fame. Soke Hausel taught martial arts at the University of
Wyoming for 30 years.
Our Mesa martial arts school is on the NE corner of MacDonald at Baseline. Just drive east along Baseline Road from Country Club and turn left at the second traffic light. You will see KARATE over our door. We hope you will be impressed by our traditional martial arts decor.  We are on the Mesa side of Baseline across the street from Gilbert. And if you are in Chandler, we are only a block away.

Our students travel from all over the Phoenix valley to train at our traditional martial arts school in Mesa. You will recognize our karate school by all of the smiling adults and families walking from our Hombu dojo.

The Mesa martial arts school is the world headquarters of Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai because the world head, or grandmaster, teaches at our school. Our school is open to members of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu, Juko Kai International, martial arts groups from around the world, and to people of Arizona who would like to learn a traditional martial art. Traditional just means that we respect the original traditions of martial arts and practice martial arts as they were originally designed: self-esteem, self-defense, respect and for health - not for tournaments.
Our classes are designed for adults because our grandmaster taught martial arts all of his life at the University level.  He taught karate at Arizona State University, University of New Mexico, University of Utah, and classes in karate, kobudo (martial arts weapons), self-defense, samurai arts, and jujutsu at the University of Wyoming. He also taught classes at Gold's Gym, Laramie Health ClubChandler Community Center.

Traditional martial arts and martial arts are the same. Recently, there have been rogue offshoots from martial arts, so that "Traditional" is often inserted to assist the public in recognizing that it is an art and not MMA or other systems that lack characteristics of the original Chinese/India/Okinawan/Japanese martial arts that have extensive lineage, martial arts forms, zen philosophy and more.

It has been said that karate and kata (martial arts forms) are the same. Kata have been a mystery since karate was revealed to the world in the early 20th century. These martial arts forms incorporate kicks, blocks and strikes, but when one studies these in detail, one finds techniques hidden in kata such as pressure point strikes, one punch knock outs, vital point strikes, possible delayed death strikes, throws, chokes, sweeps, weapon defenses and more.

There are martial arts and there are martial ways. Karate can be considered a martial art, and also a martial way. The 'way' indicating the path of martial arts training will lead to a better life. The first martial art was created by a Buddhist Monk by the name of Boddhidharma according to legend. He combined Zen with a fighting method known as Shi Pa Lohan Sho and this combination produced a martial art with redeeming value. And this is what we emphasize at our Mesa martial arts school.
At the Arizona School of Traditional Karate in Mesa we focus on teaching students to master martial arts and master life. We want our students to be positive contributors to society. The more they learn, the more secrets of karate and martial arts they acquire until they can readily defend themselves with their bare hands and a variety of weapons, or by positive actions. We also give them philosophy to promote a way of non-violence.  

CLASSES. Our classes for the study of kata are scheduled on Tuesday evenings from 6:45 to 7:45 pm. For those who want more, we have an Advanced Kata and Bunkai Class that follow from 7:45-8:20 pm.

It is rare for anyone to be inducted into a Hall of Fame. But to be inducted
two different Halls of Fame for two completely unrelated activities, is
unheard of as noted by the Branding Iron Newspaper in Wyoming. Soke
Hausel is now a resident and martial arts instructor of the
Phoenix East Valley
Wednesdays from 3-4 pm, we have a family karate class at our Mesa martial arts school. Members train in Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo. In the evening, we start with Self-Defense from 6:45-7:45 pm. Students learn to defend against grabs, takes down, punches, sucker punches, knives, guns, rifles, clubs, etc. They learn to defend with hands, feet, elbows, wrists, knees. We teach them to use weapons such as pencils, pen, car keys, cell phones, books, belts, ropes.  This is followed by our Samurai Arts class from 7:47 to 8:20 pm where we even have one student of samurai lineage train and teach in our dojo. In this class, students learn the samurai sword, halberd, spear, stick, rope, jujutsu and other arts.

Thursday is Martial Arts Weapons (kobudo) night. This starts at 6:45 and ends at 7:45 pm. This is followed by Advanced Martial Arts Weapons training from 7:45 to 8:20 pm.

And this is only the beginning at our Mesa Martial Arts school.

Soke Hausel with Hanshi Ron Smith and Soke Yamashita at a University of Wyoming Clinic.

Soke Hausel with coach of the Police DAV Karate team from India.